Wednesday, August 17, 2016

All The Best Intentions

Originally posted June 15, 2015

By Kim Norton

All the Best Intentions
A lot of what we do here at Accessing Independence – Help Henry See and Hear is networking. We are constantly talking. We are e-mailing, we are posting on Facebook, we are planning our next event or getting ready for ASL class, and as you can see, trying to keep up with blogging.
My latest “networking” adventure was on the radio show “Everything Special Needs” on WNJC 1360 am Radio with Sue Shilling. I had the great opportunity to talk about Accessing Independence and what we are all about. I hope you take a listen to hear about tall the great things we are doing for our community. And whether you are a supporter of ours or a parent of a child who is deaf, blind or deaf blind we thank you for allowing us to fill a need in our community. We have a lot on our plate right now as do so many families. School is ending, graduations and dance rehearsals and summer plans are a whirlwind. Despite all of these things I could talk to you ad nauseam about the needs of the sensory-impaired child. I could tell you about the great strides Henry and Kirstyn and Jon Paul are making. But I could also tell you about the heartbroken family I met on Sunday who just learned that their child has Usher Syndrome.
The positives outweigh the negatives for sure. But the negatives just linger there. They haunt me because I remember what the words did to us, “Your son has Usher Syndrome.”
So, while it is my intention to keep up with blogging I will continue to network and prepare for our next event which is our BIG FAMILY EVENT! We are so very excited about it and I look forward to meeting old friends and making some new ones.
Enjoy every minute!

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